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Taylor Addison Fox. Born 07-16-2002
Greenville Memorial Hospital
06:44 AM
7 lbs. 12 oz.
20 1/2 in. Long

I am very proud to share these photos with all of you. We just got home this afternoon, and on the way, dropped off some film at the 1 hour photo place, and ordered a picture disc so I could post these for all of you to enjoy.

There are MANY more to come, as we get more film developed.

To look the pictures, click on any of the links below. Hit the back button on your browser to return to this page.

07-16-02 Happy Birthday! 1st Professional Photo

Taylor had his first professional photo opportunity while still in Greenville Memorial Hospital, thanks to the pleasant photographer from She took several photos of little Taylor, and has made them available to view, or custom order from their website.
Click here to go to Taylor's GrowingFamily Page.
07-16-02 Happy Birthday! (Grandma Pressley's first roll of film)

Erin, checked in, lying in bed.
Erin, checked in, lying in bed, "Okay, that's enough pictures for now."
Erin's Mom's first glimpse of Taylor.
"Oh, isn't he just precious!"
Proud Momma.
Proud Momma and Grandma Pressley.
Proud Momma and Grandpa Pressley.
Very pround Grandpa Pressley.
Pround Poppa and Grandpa Pressley.
"I think he looks hungry.
"You and me, and baby makes three."
Proud Momma and Poppa.
Proud Poppa.
"Do you think he looks like me?"
Taylor's first meal.
Dad's a natural.
Our friend and pastor Jim admiring Taylor.
Proud Great-Grandma Pressley.
Taylor swaddled and sleeping.
Proud Great-Grandpa Pressley.
Taylor's first trick... sticking out his tongue.
A very big toothless yawn.
Momma gets to feed Taylor.
"Uh dad.. what's mom doing to me?"
07-16-02 Happy Birthday! (Adam & Erin's first roll of film)

Here I am!
Less than a minute old.
Mother & Son.
Proud, but tired, momma.
More proud than tired.
Eventually, we had to put him down.
Taylor waving, "Hello!"
Proud Great-Grandma Elsie.
Taylor swaddled and sleeping.
Proud Great-Grandpa Ralph.
Adam and Son.
Mother & Son side by side.
Taylor sleeping in his cart.
Held in the palm of my hands.
07-22-02 Adrienne Dominguez's digital camera shots

Grandma Jackie & Taylor (1)
Grandma Jackie & Taylor (2)
Grandma Jackie & Taylor (3)
Dad feeding Taylor
More burping.
Mom & Taylor in nursery.
Taylor (not) enjoying his first bath.
Asleep on Mom's lap.
Adrienne & Taylor.
07-17-02 Adam & Erin's second roll of film
Note: I have these pictures in high-resolution on a picture disc (CD). Let me know if you would like any of them for printing.

Taylor in his cart [07-17-02].
Taylor crying for Grandma [07-17-02].
Sleeping on Momma's chest (1) [07-17-02].
Sleeping on Momma's chest (2) [07-17-02].
Dad feeding Taylor (clutching bottle) [07-17-02].
Taylor's balloons [07-18-02].
Welcome home Taylor! (my favorite picture!!!) [07-18-02].
In the car seat (1) [07-18-02].
In the car seat (2) [07-18-02].
In the bassinet [07-18-02].
Taylor's flowers [07-18-02].
In the crib (asleep).
Sampson watching over Taylor in his bassinet [07-18-02].
In the crib [07-19-02].
Sleeping on the sofa (with pacifier) [07-19-02].
Sleeping on the sofa [07-19-02].
Mom feeding Taylor a bottle [07-19-02].

March 2003
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