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I've posted a few samples of my artwork, both pen & ink, and photoshop altered images. Choose from the following:
 CD Jewel Case Cover Art  
    For CD's. Free to download, print and use privately.  
Sample Ticket Scan
Ticket Stubs
  Of concerts I've attended over the years.  
Poor Loathsome Creatures
My early college cartooning project.
All of these files are either JPG's or GIF's. The originals are primarily PSD (Photoshop) files.
In the case of the cartoon work, it is all taken from my sketchbooks on a HP flatbed scanner, cropped, and altered in Photoshop, and downsampled to JPG's & GIF's. Most of the covers for Jewel Cases were originally made at 300 pixels/inch in Photoshop, downsampled and posted,at 150 - 96 pixels/inch JPG's, to save server space, download time, and (hopefully) enable you to print these directly from your browser. You can view some useful notes on creating and printing CD cover art by clicking here.
I hope you like them. There is alot more to I find time.

Most the band photos, logos, etc were downloaded from numerous phan sites, and sometimes brutally modified by me.

Many of the images available from this page are very high resolution, and may take quite a bit of time to load. I think they're worth it!
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