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Jefferson Airplane
Fillmore West - San Francisco, CA (Early,1 SHN)
Source: SBD

(SHN: 1 disc - 278 MB)
Lineup: Paul Kantner (vocals, guitars), Marty Balin (vocals), Jack Casady (Bass), Jorma Kaukonen (guitars, vocals),
Joey Covington (percussion), Grace Slick (vocals)

This appears to be a partial look at the 09-15-70 Fillmore West concert or maybe just the early show? They do say
they will be back later in about an hour and a half. This is the only version of 09-15-70 I've seen circulate but I could
be wrong. If anyone has any further info, let me know.

Flaws: At the end of Mexico, Grace says " God, you're orderly!", which is slightly cut off.
We Can Be Together fades in and then goes into Volunteers without any applause.

I edited the silent gaps at the end of all the tracks out and also some at the beginning.

Dry Creek Road and Black Ghost also played at this show.

 1 CDR

01. Somebody To Love 05:42
02. Crown Of Creation 03:37
03. Mexico 02:32
04. Whatever the Old Man Wants 05:49
05. Have You Seen the Saucers 07:47
06. Uncle Sam's Blues 05:53
07. Emergency 04:20
08. 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds 06:28
09. //We Can Be Together> 05:05
10. Volunteers 03:49


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