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Last Updated 1/27/2006 8:35:08 PM AFox

Aquarium Rescue Unit
H.O.R.D.E. Festival - Empire Court - Syracuse, NY (All,1 FLAC)
Source: AKG460b CK8X (110deg X-Y) > Casio DA-7

Taper: Ricky Supon, Bryon Sosinski, and Kevin Shapiro

Transfer by: Kevin Shapiro
EAC and FLAC16 by Marmar-

Thanks to Kevin Shapiro for the transfers and source CD's!

Art Notes: Yes

 1 CDR

01. All Night Long
02. Poor Boy
03. Time Flack
04. Working On A Building
05. Compared To What
06. Shoeless Joe
07. Time Is Free*
08. Throndossul
09. Fixin' To Die*
10. Zambi/Space Is The Place>*
11. ARU/WSP Segue Jam*
 Setlist Notes:
* w/John Popper


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