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Last Updated 10/9/2004 3:11:29 PMAfox

Black Crowes w/ Jimmy Page
Post-Gazette Pavilion - Star Lake, PA (All AUDIO)
Source: DAUD (Sony MZ-R30 MD > MAC G-3 HD> Peak and T-Racks> Adaptec Jam
Mic Info: SP Audio-Technica Hypercardiods

"Hots of For Pittsburgh" Tree by:  LARRY SMITH 
Equipment:  Sound Professionals Audio-Technica Hypercardiod mics into a
Sony MZ-R30 Minidisc recorder. Digital-Optical transfer from master discs
onto a MAC G-3 hard drive.
Mastered using Peak and T-Racks software. Burned onto cd using Adaptec Jam
software. This recording is pure digital, it has never entered the analog
world. Artwork can be obtained directly from me at In the
subject line type "good page artwork" or "best page artwork". The "good"
will be around a 1 meg jpeg file and the "best" will be about a 2 meg jpeg

Art Notes: Yes

 2 CDR

1) Celebration Day
2) Wanton Song
3) Misty Mountain Hop
4) Hots on for Nowhere
5) No Speak No Slave
6) Sick Again
7) What Is and What Shall Never Be
8) Gone
9) Oh Well
10) Ten Years Gone
11) In My Time of Dying
12) Your Time Is Gonna Come
1) Remedy 2) Lemon Song 3) In The Light 4) Shapes of Things 5) Nobody's Fault But Mine 6) Heartbreaker 7) Bring It On Home 8) She Talks To Angels 9) Out On The Tiles 10) Whole Lotta Love


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