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Last Updated 1/3/2005 2:06:58 PMAfox

Black Crowes
Irving Plaza - New York, NY (All AUDIO)
Source: DAUD (MICROTECH GEFEL 200> AERCO Preamp> BM1> D8 DAT>CDR: Tascam DA/20 mkII>hDD stand-alone)

treed by Lynne Czekala

Art Notes: Yes

 2 CDR

 Sting Me
 Stop Kicking My Heart Around
 Hotel Illness
 High Head Blues
 Bad Luck Blue Eyes
 Thorn In My Pride
 Only a Fool
 Wiser Time
 By Your Side
 Jealous Again
 No Speak No Slave
 (Encore:)She Talks to Angels
 Hard to Handle
 Virtue & Vice


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