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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum - Oakland, CA (circ.,2 SHN)
Source: AUD

(SHN: 2 discs - 825 MB)
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 2 CDR

1-Love The One Your With
2-Wooden Ships
4-Cowgirl In The Sand
5-Black Queen
7-Human Highway
8-Carry Me
9-The Lee Shore
10-Prison Song
11-Long May You Run
12-Ambulance Blues
13-Sugar Mountain
1-Know You Got To Run 2-You Can't Catch Me/Word Game 3-Deja Vu 4-Pre-Road Downs 5-First Things First 6-Long Time Gone 7-Revolution Blues 8-Carry On 9-Chicago 10-Suite:Judy Blue Eyes 11-Pushed It Over The End 12-Only Love Can Break Your Heart
 Setlist Notes:
(missing) ambulance blues sugar mountain know you gotta run-> you can't catch me-> wordgame don't be denied deja vu pre-road downs first things first long time gone revolution blues pushed it over the end carry on on the beach chicago


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