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Last Updated 12/31/2004 1:42:02 AMAfox

The Codetalkers
Bonnaroo - Manchester, TN (All,1 SHN)
Source: MBHO 603a/ka200 > V2 > mod.SBM-1 > M1

Taper: Eric Foelske
Mic Location: FOB-DFC

Lossless 450.2M
conversion by: Eric Foelske
Art Link:

 1 CDR

1. Nash(9:14)
2. Working on the Building >(8:12)
3. Grandma's Got a Motorcycle(10:25)
4. I'm So Glad(5:52)
5. Fixin' to Die(6:31)
6. Body in the Lake(8:34)
7. Lovelight(13:21)


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