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Last Updated 10/9/2004 3:11:42 PMAfox

Deep Banana Blackout
Palace Theater - Bridgeport, CT (All AUDIO)
Source: DAUD

Thanks to Kelly Marshall
 11-08-00  In general, this is a great show, and a good quality
 recording.  However, whomever mastered it did not burn
 it DAO.  There are 1 second gaps between tracks, that I
 find quite annoying.  I do not suggest this source for
 trade, for this reason.  A DAO copy would be appreciated,
 with source information... SHN's preferred.

 12-03-00  I used CoolEdit to remove the 1 second gaps from the
 beginning of each track.  I do not have SHN's of this show,
 because I did not want to create them from discs with more than
 one DAE generation.  I still have an extra copy of the old SHNs,
 containing the 'dropouts' that I can part with, if someone would
 like them, and doesn't mind doing the wav editing.

 3 CDR

1.  Anesthetic Intro >
2.  Breakfast at Volo's
3.  Everybody >
4.  Rocker >
5.  Get'chall In the Mood >
6.  Rocker
7.  Palaloa Blues >
8.  Universal Song
9.  Pass It Down >
10. Big Thing >
11. Especiality >
12. Come Together
1. Ascension 2. Standing On The Verge Of Gettin' It On > 3. B'Gock 4. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy * 5. TUG 6. Doin' It
1. Homo Lingo > 2. God Made You Funky ** 3. Cosmic Slop 4. Encore: Bunp N' Sway > 5. Groove Is Here 6. Pure Gravy
 Setlist Notes:
*= with Rebirth Brass Band **= with Amy Douglas


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