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Last Updated 10/9/2004 3:13:05 PMAfox

HORDE Festival - Portland, OR (All,1 SHN)
Source: seed 1 - Schoeps CMC6/MK4V's>EAA>D8
Mic Location: FOB

(SHN:  1 disc - 186 MB)
This is the first seed of the same show,
both with same source, unknown transfer and different MD5s.  I created
a WAV MD5 for each seed help differentiate.

Terry Watts

note:  seed 1 and seed 2 both fit on 1 disc

 1 CDR

1. Have A Lucky Day
2. I'm Free Now
3. Cure For Pain
4. Thursday
5. Poetry Time
6. Sharks
7. French Fries With Pepper
8. Wishing Well
9. Every Night About 11 O'Clock I Go Out


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