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2000-12-19: A Phish-mas Carol [back to top]

Christmas is right around the corner. I know Phish is on hiatus this year over the holidaze, but I just had to let this little ditty re-emerge.

(Lazer Trails: to the tune of Jingle-Bells)

(1st verse)
Dashing through the rows,
To my seat in section K,
Gonna see a show,
Blow my mind away (Ha-Ha-Ha)

Page on keyboards sings,
In pools of colored lights,
Mike and Trey on tram-po-lines while Fishman keeps it tight (oh...)

Lazer trails, Santa's elves, Jon-Paige-Mike and Trey.
Once again I get to spend a Phish-y ho-li-day (oh...)
(repeat chorus x1)

(2nd verse)
Feel the magic grow,
Bounce and spin and sway,
No one really knows,
What else they're gonna play (ha-ha-ha)

Just when you might think,
They're gonna end the night,
They change a beat and just like Gene,
Sing, "Rock and Roll All Night"  (oh)

(chorus x2)

Time to end the show,
With one quick "Walk Away",
Lights raise as we go,
Deafened, "What you say?" (ha-ha-ha)

Straight to the la-trine,
To be-hold such a sight,
Santa Claus right next to me,
Asks, "Can I catch a ride?"  (oh)

Lazer trails, that was swell, what else can I say?
Cringle hides his new tie-dyed, and we're both on our way (oh)
Lazer trails, Santa, elves, Jon-Paige-Mike and Trey.
In the end, I'd say it's been a per-fect  ho-li-day.

Yea, I know it's corny.  Merry Christmas.

Adam Fox

2000-12-18: (Phish News) Mike Reflects [back to top]

The following information was provided via e-mail thanks to

The Official Phish Web Site has released a special Mike's Corner feature:

There, bassist Mike Gordon reflects on the two nights Phish played at the
Shoreline Amphitheatre in October, the last shows before Phish began a
hiatus of indefinite length.  Mike's words and the accompanying
photographs give a band's-eye view of this special moment in Phish

2000-12-01: Purple Haze Shockwave Single [back to top]

The following information was provided via e-mail thanks to the team

It's one of the best-known hooks in rock, a
monument to funk and distortion. You probably even
know it by heart: " 'Scuse me... while I kiss the
sky!" But you've never heard or seen Hendrix quite
like this. Check out Shockwave's interactive debut
of a previously unreleased Purple Haze, pulled from
the new 4-CD box set "The Jimi Hendrix
Experience." Hendrix is on guitar, you're on special

So turn up those speakers and come get

2000-10-15: [back to top]

While my burner was out of commission, I was able to focus more time on my jewel case
art.  Now that I'm sporting a new PlexWriter, I've caught up on all my pending trades,
but have depleted my supply of blank discs (again).

So, in my down time, I managed to get most of my CDR list entered into
over the past month.  It's a pretty cool, and reliable system. You can plug in your want
lists, and it will cross-reference all other traders in the database who have a show you
want, that wants a show you have, which makes it pretty easy to make new trade arrangements.
The list layout is customizable, and takes into consideration all the minute details of a
show recording, and allows plenty of space for technical and personal notes.

I just have about 2 dozen more entries to go, and I'll be caught up.  I was able to import
the bulk of it from a tab delimiated(sp?) txt file, leaving only entries that aren't already
in the database.

My original list will remain up-to-date here as well, but I
have a feeling the Tapers Database is going to be BIG!  Especially with Phishhook being down
for so long, and with the etree list breaking the 10,000 subscribers mark.

2000-09-14: Yet another setback. [back to top]

  After 3 years, and over 3000 burns, my Panasonic CW-7501 CD-Recorder drive has now
laid to rest.  All current trade projects must be temporarily suspended.  I apologize
for the delay.  I am purchasing a new Plextor PlexWriter 12X4X32X (SCSI) CD-RW,
which will allow me to fulfill any current and perpetual projects.  Regretfully, at
this point I am umcertain of an exact resume date.

Thank you for understanding.
2000-08-24: Phish movie- Bittersweet Motel [back to top]

The following information was provided via e-mail thanks to Andy Gadiel's Phish news

Bittersweet Motel debuts on August 25th -
Phish and Image Entertainment have come to an agreement whereby the movie
Bittersweet Motel will be distributed theatrically in all major North
American markets; theatre engagements begin August 25th. Bittersweet Motel
is the band's first feature-length motion picture. Filmed over a two year
period that saw the group travel throughout the U.S. and Europe, the
program was directed by Todd Phillips, a recent recipient of the prestigious
Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival.


Fall Tour Dates -

Please be aware that the Fall Tour itinerary includes all of Phish's
shows for the remainder of this year - there will be no additional shows
in November or December, or immediately thereafter. Additional information
will be posted when the band refines their plans for the future.

2000-07-07: Phish's Revised Taping Policy [back to top]

The following information was provided via e-mail thanks to Phish News & PCP

Phish's taping policy has undergone an extensive update.  View the
complete, up-to-date policy at

In particular, concert-going fans will be interested to note the following

"We are seeing an increase in sales of live CD's, tapes, videos and other
media at and around concert sites. Because these items are more often sold
in the lots than not, and we must enforce Phish's no-vending policy to
stop the sale of unauthorized merchandise bearing Phish's trademarks and
copyrights at shows, we must assume CDs or tapes being displayed are for
sale, not trade. Like other items bearing Phish's intellectual property,
Phish tapes, CDs, videos or other media may not be displayed or
distributed at or around concert venues, and may be subject to seizure if

2000-07-04: FOG CITY RECORDS new release - RW2C [back to top]

The following information was provided via e-mail thanks to Dan at Fog City Records

Happy Independence Day!

We're happy to announce on this holiday, the latest Fog City offering:


An hour of boombox-optimized "back to the chicken shack" grooves from Robert
Walter and friends (including Galactic drummer Stanton Moore). Listen for
yourself, right now, by surfing on over to:

As with all of our releases, Money Shot is an Enhanced CD... this time
around, it includes a cool "virtual mixer" that lets you re-mix a tune to
your heart's content. The CD booklet is a conversation piece as well... but
we won't spoil the surprise by explaining here.

This is our fourth CD title, and its official "street date" (when it will be
available in stores) is Labor Day.

But FEAR NOT! We are having a special pre-release sale for dedicated fans --
between July 4th and Labor Day, you can buy the Money Shot CD direct from
our online record shop at (and at 20th Congress
live performances).

Robert Walter - founding member of Greyboy Allstars
Cochemea Gastelum - electric sax and flute
Stanton Moore - Galactic drummer and special guest
Dave Carano - bass
Chuck Prada - percussion
...with visits from Elgin Park (Greyboy Allstars guitarist) and George
Sluppick (current 20th Congress drummer)

TRACK LISTING: White Russ, (Everybody Wanna Get Rich) Rite Away, Rack &
Pinion, Instant Lawn, The Yodel, Shemp Time, Money Shot, I'm Over It, Blues
For Y2K (plus a live video and bonus studio tracks on the CD-ROM part of the

For the full lowdown on this recording:

To be the first kid on your block (or in your panel van) to own your very
own copy of this record, visit the Fog City online record shop:

-- dan prothero
   fog city records
   latest releases:
   garage a trois -
   papa mali -
   robert walter's 20th congress -

2000-07-01: Meadows- Hartford, CT (review) [back to top]

ticket scan: Phish 06-01-00 Meadows Music Theater- Hartford CT

Since we live just under an hour away from the venue, we left home about 3:30 pm, and arrived at the Grand Chalet Inn just after 4:30. We were riding in style, thanks to Chef Norm & his (very nice) Saab. Just as we pulled into the hotel parking lot, we noticed the first signs that the Phish crowd was in town. Girls in homemade clothes around a car with a Maine license plate that said, "CARINI". Now, I have to apologize for not getting to meet & thank David Johnson for pulling so many shows from the etree for me. I asked the hotel clerk if he had checked in yet, and she repeatedly informed me that he did not have a reservation for the night. So, disgruntled, we all got back in the car, to make our way to the venue lot. We were pulling out of the parking space when the clerk came running out to let us know that she made a mistake, and he does indeed have a reservation, but has not arrived yet. (Bobby sings, "Head's all empty 'n I don't care.") We decided not to turn back, determined to catch up with David post-show. Parking at the venue was a bit of a challenge. By the time we arrived, all the convenient free parking lots were full, but we managed to squeeze into one of the pay lots, just across the street. It had been nearly a year for all of us since we'd seen the boys, and we were pleased to see that not a whole lot has changed. Maybe the crowd has gotten bigger, & some may say it's gotten younger, but I think the fact that we're all getting older is probably more truthful. Regardless, fans of all ages seemed to enjoy the friendly balloon vendor. After enjoying a couple beers, we made our way to the entrance. Along the way, I received several comments and questions about my bright yellow 'PCP' shirt, and I did a little Q & A, and handed out my email address. Showtime:
I knew that the night was going to be a treat as soon as we entered. This was my first 'outdoor' Phish show, though we were in the lower section, inside the amphitheater, the fresh air that breezed through, and the sunny skies surrounded us. I wiggled my way into the taper section to say hello to Dave Peck, whom I met last year at a String Cheese Incident at Pearl Street. We didn't talk long, just enough to say hello, and thanks for all the great shows I've been able to enjoy, because of him and his rig. I asked him to drop me a line when he gets home from summer tour. We also spotted our friend Matt, who was nice enough to get me an aftershow pass to the Pepsi Arena shows last year. That completed my 'rounds', and I settled into my seat, to notice what a great spot we were in. Trey's spot was directly in front of us (right, facing the stage), and we had a great view of Fish & Mike. Paige was pretty much hidden behind his baby grand.
I: Buried Alive, Wolfman's Brother, Axilla > Poor Heart, Sample in a Jar, Tube*, Beauty of My Dreams, Roggae, Vultures, Dirt, Split Open and Melt II: Gotta Jibboo**, Bug, First Tube, Mike's Song > Swept Away > Steep > Hydrogen > Weekapaug > Nellie Kane, Ghost E: While My Guitar Gently Weeps * - with Trey on keys ** - with lyrics from Trey, "Toph and Sands too"
Buried Alive- I originally thought this was Caravan. Regardless, it was the perfect show opener. The night before, the entire first set was old 'classics'. This great insturmental was a demonstration of just how tight they've become.

Wolfman's Brother- Something I can cross off my list of things to do before I die, see them perform this tune. It was an absolute treat. Super fluid, and it was at this point that I knew Mike was going to shine tonight.

Axilla- The crowd loved this one. The chaotic energy of this tune had everyone boogying until they were breathless.

Poor Heart- This was a fun little tune. They didn't do much with it, but it gave us a chance to gather ourselves together after Axilla.

Sample In A Jar- What a delight!

Tube- This was absolutely incredible. Another jam I had never seen them perform before, and it was intense. This was definitely the climax of the first set, including Chris K's lighting. Around mid-song, Trey let his (Languedoc) axe swing, and he tinkered on the toy piano for a minute or two. John & Mike seemed to be shaking their heads, as if to say, 'oh brother'.

Beauty of my Dreams- Another fun tune, like Poor Heart. It lightened the mood after the sinister Tube jam.

Roggae- This tune is completely infectious. I was singing it the whole way home, and when I woke up the following morning (probably because I couldn't remember the name of it, and it was driving me crazy).

Vultures- A great jam, and another exhibit of just how tight the band has become while working in the studio.

Dirt- Another crowd pleaser, and a great follow up to Vultures that let us all catch our breath for the next tune, which was...

Split Open & Melt- Great way to wrap up the first set.
Gotta Jiboo- To open set two. Another crowd pleaser, from the new album.

Bug- Trey really cuts loose on this one.

First Tube- And the energy builds...

Mike's Song- One of my all time favorites. I was glad they chose not to segue into Simple. Instead...

Swept Away- Aptly named.

Steep- Of course.

Hydrogen- The classic follow-up to Mike's Song, which almost always leads to...

Weekapaug Groove- Ooh yeah Mike. What a badass!

Nellie Kane- To let us catch our breath.

Ghost- By far, the best rendition of this song I've ever heard. Maybe I'm just partial, because I was there, but I doubt it. They jammed this tune out so hard, it hurt me. The climactic ending stretched the fabric of reality, and hit the spot in my brain that controls breathing and heart rate. Spectacular!


While My Guitar Gently Weeps- A beautiful encore, that mended the wounds left by the bone rattling Ghost. Trey seemed to channel the music, rather than exert any energy. It just flowed naturally. But, they left the stage, and the house lights came up, leaving us hungry for more.

Once we got our bearings, we found our way to the car, and rehydrated ourselves. It was nearly an hour before we were able to free our car from the maze-like lot. We were all energized and exhausted. Norman asked if it would be alright to just head home, instead of going to the hotel, so he could get home before 4AM, so I never had the opportunity to meet up with David at the Grand Chalet, and sample his homebrew. Maybe next time. The whole way home, Roggae haunted me.
2000-06-12 Just for Fun [back to top]

Nothing music related this week.  We're saving most of our 'extra money' (is there such a thing?)
to put towards our moving fund, so spindles of blanks have moved down a notch on the priority list.
It looks like I'll be slowing it down a bit for a while.
Yesterday, Erin & I decided to check out the new Six Flags- New England that opened May 6th, on the site that was previously Riverside Amusement Park. Most of our favorites from last year were still there, but the changes were apparent from the moment we arrived at the park, and the addition of the DC Comics Super Hero Aventures theme park is absolutely spectauclar! I won't go into too many specifics, because I don't think I could do it justice, so I put together a tiny page for those of you who are interested in what I consider the hilight of the day. The pictures speak for themselves. (Notice, I'm wearing my favorite Phish tee.) Rollercoaster enthusiats, there's something bigger and faster. You have to check out...

Superman- Ride of Steel

2000-05-22 Ticket stubs & photos [back to top]

If you frequent this site often (thank you by the way), you know I'm by far not the best web
journalist.  I've devoted a good deal of my alloted webspace to friends and family, as I have
for those of you who are simply browsing the web to find music information, jewel case art, etc.

This week, I devoted the majority of my free time to scanning and posting some new photographs
for friends and family to enjoy.  You web stragers are welcome to browse them too if you are so
inclined.  In the past couple days I have uploaded 70+ photos, and am in the process of uploading
a series of ticket stub scans.  I seem to be on a roll, so check back often for new additions.

You can browse the photo album by clicking the 'photos' link at the top of this page, or by using
the following links:

Photo Album
Ticket Stubs
2000-05-13 Phish's new album Farmhouse [back to top]

Farmhouse is hitting the shelves May 16th.  The infamous Richard Cook has graciously
provided a few links, pertaining to the upcoming release, including an interview with
the band, a report of upcoming promotional appearances, and some downloadable movie
files.  Let's have a look, shall we?


Farm Report:

Alist Interview:

Farmhouse Videos:

2000-05-12 Napster BAD? [back to top]

Bob Cesca of and Joe from urge you to check out this flash animation
(starring the likenesses of Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield of Metallica) in regards to the rampant
copyright infringement occuring on Napster.

"...this is funny....flat out.....great work!" -joe

Napster BAD!
On the other side of the coin, both in seriousness, and point of view, is the following article I found interesting while browzing the Philzone. I consider this recommended reading for any online music trader, in regards to the future (demise?) of the music industry, in order to make way for the 'musician' industry. Recent thoughts on by John Perry Barlow.
2000-05-09 EAC - Exact Audio Copy 0.9pb5 [back to top]

Andre Wiethoff <> has once again updated his
digital audio extraction program (Exact Audio Copy), and released version 0.9pb5 for beta testing.
New Features include bugfixes for 0.9pb4, full ASPI Interface (optional), more compression features,
including Gogo DLL on-the-fly compression, Shorten and, Monkey's Audio external
command line compressors.

Report any problems (using EAC) to or
Andre Wiethoff <>
EAC - Exact Audio Copy Homepage
Direct download:

Planned For The Next Release

   * Bug fixes again...
   * Improvement of the audio editor
   * C1/C2 error correcting Secure Modes
   * Audio CD recording functions
   * Index based extraction
   * More features to come

2000-04-30: Phish @ Meadows [back to top]

At present, it appears that we will only be attending this one night of Phish's summer 2000 tour.
Now that I have our mail order tickets on hand, I thought I'd go ahead and gloat a little bit.
With any luck, we may make an extended weekend out of the event, and enjoy a couple days of
camping if weather is agreeable.  As usual, I'll be toting a sizeable batch of discs to trade
with people we meet.  

ticket scan: Phish 06-01-00 Meadows Music Theater- Hartford CT

Tickets on sale 05-13-00 at

2000-02-14: We're on Vacation! [back to top]

  As I started loading up my CD wallet for the trip, I realized I should send word to all my
fellow traders & various internet incarnates.

  Our bags are packed, we have our plane tickets, and all necissary arrangements are made (I hope).
That's right!  Vacation time!  We're flying south for the winter.  Well, for a week anyway.

So, until February 23rd, I will be unable to read and respond to e-mail.
Any trees or loops that come my way may experience a lag, if it arrives while I am away.  I'll speed
it along when I return.

I am not seeking new trades for a while.  I have plenty of loops & lists to keep me busy for a
while.  If we am currently in the middle of a trade, vine, or loop, I believe I have contacted
you already.  A friend of ours is watching Sampson, so he'll be picking up the
mail for me as well.

That's it for now.  Sampson's Gotta Jiboo.

2000-01-14: Happy 2000 [back to top]

Trade stats for 1999:

# Contacts: 245
# Trades: 293

Recieved: 232
Sent: 438
In posession: 289

# Bands: 67
# (audio) Discs: 705
Thank you to all of the wonderful people I have traded with over the past year. I could start listing names, but that would be silly... overkill. You know who you are, and so do I. Thank you all for sharing in the groove.
I compiled the data for these stats from a Microsoft Access based trade-tracking program I began beta testing for Scott Luchetti at the end of 1998. I am not aware of any further releases of this particular program, but I have found it quite useful in the past year, for keeping track of what I've sent, when, and to whom. I am of the understanding that an all-inclusive (digital/analog/vid?) tracking program is in the works by PCP founder Mike Monacella. If any beta versions are released, I'll be sure to post a link.

2000-01-04: [back to top]

The man responsible for one of the most in-depth unofficial online Phish resources, Andy Gadiel,
has taken it to the next level, in the development of a new online jam band database.
Subject: Now that Phish is off tour... Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 15:22:52 -0600 (CST) From: To: Hey Folx, For the record, I don't work for Phish.Com. I don't know why I signed my last e-mail with in the footer, must have been a force of habit from typing it in all day looking for updates. What I do work on is - an interactive database of band tourdates and information, all compiled and cross-referenced for easy access. Information can be searched by going to New shows can be added to the database at and new bands can be added at This project has so much promise and potential that I have made it my fulltime endevour, and hope that it can be a quality hub for information in this wonderful scene of music. Please stop by the site and let me know what you think, add a band, add a show, and e-mail any corrections you see to Thanks again for your incredible support, and have a fantastic new year! Peace and Love, Andy Gadiel

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