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2000-01-09: Happy 2002 [back to top]

Trade stats for 2001:

# Contacts: 355 425
# Trades: 467 570
# 'Bad Trades': 1 0

Recieved: 396 463
Sent: 692 803
In posession: 412 499

# Bands: 85 97
# Audio Discs: 973 1194
I'm not sure when or if I'll be updating this webpage again. My life has taken a turn (for the better) that simply doesn't allow me much free time. I'm officially dropping off the face of the trading planet, with no known time of re-emergence. Many thanks to those of you with whom I had the opportunity to share music with these past years. Thank you to all the tree administrators, list moderators, and generous tapers for making my hobby possible, especially PCP,, and Dankseeds.

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