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2005-01-04: The Year Ahead [back to top]

Trade stats for
2003 2004:

# Contacts: * 59
# Trades: 0 69
# 'Bad Trades':0

Recieved: 139 194
Sent: 82 139
In posession:499 692

# Bands: 134 158
# Audio Discs: 1362 1510

* Since 2002-06-11
  As with every year past, since I started this little webspace, I'm starting off by looking back to the year behind me.

  There was the U.S. Presidential election, the ongoing wars, earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorist bombings, and the tsunami... dare I mention the dissolving of one of the biggest touring jam bands in history in such company? It's probably in poor taste, but what else would you expect the likes of me?

  But at home, there's been nothing but good stuff! Our son Taylor is getting SO big! 2 1/2 years old, and amazing me every day. It was a great year for firsts for him, and rediscovery of often overlooked hurdles for us. 'Boy's night out' have become 'Daddy days', which are far more precious and fun. My office has become Taylor's new bedroom, and we've prepared the nursery for the arrival of our daughter Jorja, in the next few weeks!

  I haven't done much trading over the past year, and I'm still using my same old dial-up internet connection, so I remain several steps behind the times, as I watch the mail-trading music community dissolving in the wake of bittorents, and downloads.

  I still trade from time to time, but not often. Spare time and income is becoming far more precious and rare. So, if you write me with a trade proposal/request, and you don't get an immediate response, don't be surprised, and don't take it personally. If I don't respond at all... I apologize in advance. I do love to trade and share music, and I do so whenever I can.

  Thanks for reading, and I hope you and YOUR family have a happy and blessed new year.


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