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2004-06-04: Don't call it a comeback! [back to top]

There's no time like the present, and no greater present, than time! After nearly 2 years away from trading, I've decided to wade back into the vast sea of digitally traded music. While I was on break, I see that my son is not the only one who's grown, and I've noticed many others have decided to 'move on'.
This will be the summer of Phish's last hoorah! I'm pretty excited for those guys. Since this IS my own webpage, my own opinion is (though possibly not the popular one,) that is TIME for them to wrap it up. As much as I love seeing and hearing Phish shows, I'd become inundated with the same old songs as well. Now they're each free to pursue their craft, without the pretext of 'Phish' hanging over their head, or the rigors of huge tour expectations. I only wish the Grateful Dead had the foresight that these guys have, because I would probably be seeing Jerry band shows this summer if they had just let the Dead tour cease before it was too late.
I still facilitate the majority of my trades via my list on, but this list gives me a bit more liberty to provide specific setlist information, and (if you look closely) you'll find a few shows on this list that are not in the db.etree database. My artwork is still not posted online, due to space constraints (this site is still free after all), but is available via email upon request.
Be sure to check the main page regularly for any extras I may have available. And I'll accept most b&p offers upon gracious request. Thanks for reading.
Enjoy, share, and take care,

2004-05-01: You ain't missed nuthin' [back to top]

Trade stats for 2003:

# Contacts: *43
# Trades: 0
# 'Bad Trades': 0

Recieved: *139
Sent: *82
In posession: 499

# Bands: 134
# Audio Discs: 1362

* Since 2002-06-11
Somehow, during my break, I managed to lose all of my contact/trade informaton in Trade Tracker. After a great deal of hair pulling, I managed to re-enter all of my show information into Trade Tracker, and now my list is back, up to date, and better than ever! If anyone (who has Microsoft Access '95 still installed in their machine) wants to try out this handy little program, just ask.
Unfortunately, I was not able to recover all the specifics about all of my trades in the past. Anything marked with an * is as of the data recovery, and is significantly less than my last Trade Stats posting. As if anyone else actuall cares.

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