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1999-12-18: PHiSHY2k [back to top]
Unfortunately, my face won't be seen in the crowd as Phish rocked their way off of this years calendar. But, if you are planning on attending the New Year's bash, be sure to stock up on glow rings along with your camping gear, and do your part to make Project Audience Illumination a glorious neon success. Keep your eyes on the skies at Big Cypress.

You can download a video (MPG) clip of ABC's coverage of Big Cypress, as Phish plays "Heavy Things" from 45.56MB. Thanks to Jim Rizzo for the link.

Project: Audience IlluminationPhish Big Cypress NYE-2K

1999-11-14: Concert A La Minute
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Our friend Nancy has found herself not able to use her 2 tickets to tonights Phil & Dylan show at the Worcester, so Erin & I made last minute plans, and we will be attending on her behalf. After all, what are friends for?

Since neither of us have ever seen Bob Dylan, or the Dead, it's an opportunity we couldn't pass up... even if we are broke. Seats are just right of the stage.. upper section. I'll pick through my CD rack before I leave, and pick out a few to share with people I meet.

Phil & Friends
Jam> Dark Star,Sugaree, Jam, Cosmic Charlie, Jam> Dark Star> St. Stephen!> The Eleven Jam> Not Fade Away, (Phil talks)

Bob & his band:
Somebody?,?,On My Mind, Hard Rain, Don't Think Twice
Electric: Watchtower, Memphis Blues, It's Not Dark Yet, (Bob introduces the crew), Broken
Encore: ?, Rolling Stone, Not Fade Away

ticket scan: Bob Dylan/Phil Lesh 11-14-99 Worcester Centrum Centre- Worcester MA

Worcester Centrum Centre
Ticketmaster Online
Phil Lesh, John Molo
Warren Haynes (guitar), Derek Trucks (guitar)
& Rob Barraco (keys)

Bob Dylan... and his band.

1999-09-01: Phish Dec. tour MO
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Phish has announced their December tour dates, and a printable mail order form and instructions are available on the official Phish website:
December Tour 1999 itinerary
mail order instructions and order form
"All orders must be postmarked September 13th, 14th or 15th; orders postmarked before September 13th or after September 15th will not be filled."

1999-08-30: b&p/cover art contest
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  Okay, it's been a busy year, and quite productive. I was too busy at the time to jump on the happy anniversary PCP bandwagon (back in April) so, now that things have slown down a little, and most of my current trees have expired, I'm willing to take some b&p's, but of course, there's a catch.

  As some of you know, I spend alot of time designing and posting jewel case art to download and print. Well, I've gotten pretty behind, and my shelves are lined with jewel cases with post-it note inserts. I've spent the past couple days scouring the better known art pages, and grabbed a few that I needed, but there are still dozens more to go. This is where you creative people out there come into play.

  I have been unable to find covers for the following shows. If you would like to participate in this B&P opportuninty, get those creative and resourceful juices flowing, and send me your art. I will chose my favorites, and award b&p offers. Submitting artwork doesn't guarantee a b&p, but all entries will be considered. And believe me, if you copy artwork from someone else's site and send it to me... I'll know it. To be fair, I will keep the 'contest' open for a few weeks, and will only make my choice(s) once the contest is closed. However, I will periodically update the list, and post versions of the potential winners, giving credit to those who submit it.

  First, the set/tracklists for each of my shows can be found at:
  The Golgi Project was off to a strong start last year, and have dozens of ticket stub scans you can use. it can be found at:
  I have posted blank templates that you can use, and you can get an idea of what I'm looking for by browsing my cover art page here.

  Many of these bands have official websites and fan sites. Take a look at my links page:

  All entries must be submitted via e-mail in .jpg format, and at least 96 pixels/inch resolution (150 - 300 pixels/inch preferred) 1 case/show. Please use the band and date as the subject line, and only submit 1 piece with each entry. You are encouraged to make multiple seperate (and different) submissions. You do not have to use my templates, but I am looking for qulity artwork, photography, and accurate information. I may take the liberty of making modifications to submitted artwork before posting it for download.

Here are the shows.

1999-08-29: Updates
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I spent a good portion of today working on some unfinished/outdated artwork for jewel cases. I have updated and uploaded several new covers to Live D.E.A.D. - CD Jewel Art. I have also managed to clear out several pending trades this weekend, and update my lists of shows and wants.

If you're trading CDR's online, and haven't heard of yet, you really should look into it. Even if you are not a high-speed internet user. Find out all about Shorten (Sofsound) & MD5, Shows in e-circulation, and alot more.

I'm looking for status updates on the Strangefolk CD-R Somerville Tree. If you are on this tree, please check in with me, and let me know how things are coming along. The 'seed' for the next scheduled tree arrived today, courtesy of Jeffrey Mahoney. The SHN vine will begin circulating through the 'root' portions of the tree shortly, and I would like to announce this tree underway within the first week of September.

I have added links to a few more useful sites: music/CDR related, bands, jewel art, software, trading organizations, supplies, setlists, and FAQ's. If you have, or know of a site you would like to see listed here, I would be happy to post it for you.

I will be at Garden of Eden this Labor Day weekend. I'll be toting a stack of discs to trade, so I hope to meet some of you fine people there. I'll be sure to bring a camera, and post some pictures sometime after I get back.

1999-08-18: Updates
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**Since I haven't done anything new, todays updates are taken from posts to the PCP mailing list** has had a few updates, including their 'how to' section, which is a must read for all you music traders on high-speed (cable) connections.

A new version of Shorten for Macintosh has just been completed, thanks to Douglas E. Hornig. "This one has the ability to convert SHN files directly into Audio IFF (aka AIFF) files. AIFF is the native audio file format for Macintosh and is accepted by all burning applications so it should no longer be necessary to do the extra WAVE-to-AIFF step that many people had to put up with."

"If you want to read more about Shorten for Macintosh or to download it for the price of a smile, head your browser to:
As always, comments/suggestions/bug reports are welcome."


1999-08-09: Keeping Music Free
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I recieved this link over the PCP mailing list today, and figured it was worth noting. There is a petition available to sign, in hopes to stop record companies from instituting a new technology that may ultimately render unencrypted music unplayable on new audio hardware. Their intention is to elimitate pirated music, and in the process, threaten to snuff out independent recording artists, and music traders. Read for yourself, and decide if you would like to have your voice heard on the issue:
Art to Heart Petition Statement

Summer shows are spreading like wildfire on the e-tree. Too bad I'm not sitting on a cable connection. Of course, since I don't, I have time to update my webpage.

I've moved the majority of my downloadable images to a different server:
Live D.E.A.D. - CD Jewel Art
Those of you who have posted links, you'll have to update them.

The Strangefolk Perma-tree seems to be growing, after being pruned. New seeds are ready before current trees run their courses.
Strangefolk CD-R Somerville Tree Structure

1999-07-28: Happy 19th Birthday Sis!
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Today just happens to be my little sister Lauren's birthday. On another, nearly as exciting note, my wife Erin had me put up a few family photos for her. If you are curious, and have some time to kill, feel free to browse our online family album at:

Oh yeah, and People for a Clearer Phish's improved website is back up. The new address is: so check it out, and see the next step in organized purely digital online music trading!

1999-07-18: Summer Bloom
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I just arrived back from a fantastic week with the family, and returned to find a couple batches of discs, and my mail order Phish tickets to Albany (10-09 & 10-10-99) here waiting for me! I have quite a bit of spinning to do over the next couple days, but I'm back... and feeling good.

ticket scan: Phish 10-09-99 Pepsi Arena- Albany NY

ticket scan: Phish 10-10-99 Pepsi Arena- Albany NY

1999-07-01: Vacation
Just in case any of you online people are trying to track me down for any reason, I will be heading down south for vacation, and away from the machine from July 9th - 17th. I'll check my mail, and answer messages when I return home. If you are one of my children in any pending trees, I will send you all updated information before I leave, and will make status updates a priority when I return.

1999-06-26: Major Renovation
Once again, this site has become far too hodge-podge. I'm taking this opportunity to trim the fat, make some creative changes, and ultimately downsize this site to make room for more downloadable artwork, setlist archives, and FAQ&A. If you have, or know of anyone who has posted links parts of this site, please be advised that some older links may not work after the rennovation is complete, so be sure to update your bookmarks.

May flew by, and it seemes the warm weather has gotten to everyone. Many trees are still awaiting closure that began at the end of April. Now it is early June, and the May shows are beginning to circulate:

05-01-99 Greyboy All Stars & String Cheese Incident
05-03 & 04-99 Trey Anastasio

1999-04-26: Useful Tips
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With all the discussion of SHN data on the PCP mailing lists, I decided to put together all the useful tips that people have offered, and post a 'A PCP Guide to Shorten for those who hate DOS'. If you have some other useful information pertaining to the use of Shorten, SHN's, and/or MD5, please let me know, and I will be happy to add to the guide. Due to a bargain I made with my wife, to keep her from having me commited for my CD-R obsession, I am not accepting any outside trade proposals (only tree obligations) for the next couple months.

1999-04-15: Distraction Du Jour
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Distraction Du Jour: My friend Montie e-mailed me the 'Joesterizer' (blender.exe) by a few days ago, and I can honestly say I made an evening of playing with that poor frog, slowly increasing the speed, and ultimately bearing the guilt of his demise. If you haven't seen this, and need to satisfy your sadistic sense of humor, take a few minutes and go get it. It's very clever!

1999-03-25: Notes @ Trading
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For ANY trade proposals,
All source information must be provided, or I am not interested.
(Mics, Master, and Means of CD-R transfer)
Only interested in DAT/Digital source CD-R 'redbook' or SHN archives,
LIVE high-quality (DAT->)CD-R's, with mic/source info,and/or HQ Video.
Only pre 1991 with analog generation will be accepted.
MP3 sourced and/or commercial CD's, are unacceptable.
Non-burners, go to and post a message.

1999-01-30: Trees
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On a small scale, I am trying my hand at tree administration. Follow the link for more details. I am calling them...
D.E.A.D. Trees

1998-07-01: Mission
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These pages were written in notepad, created to establish my presence as an online CD-R trader, and tree/branch administrator. I collected and traded bootleg tapes for many years, until I purchased my Gateway2000 G6-200 PC, equipped with an internal Matsushita (Panasonic) CW-7501 CD-Recorder, in January of 1997. Since I never really had a good system for dubbing analog tapes, CD-R seemed the logical way to go, when the opportunity presented itself.

Online tape trading was big at the time, and CD-R was new; just catching on. At first, I spent a good bit of time downloading MP3 files from Sugarmegs, its Mirrors, various FTP sites, burning compressed audio archive discs, trading files via ICQ and running my own FTP server (over a 33.6kbps dial-up connection). It seemes I paddled right into place to catch this new wave of technology, as more and more DAT tapers began to convert their tapes into WAV and MP3 files. It wasn't until April 23rd of 1998 when the gates finally burst, and the music began to flow torrentially, when I stumbled onto People for a Clearer Phish.

PCP opened a new discussion forum, and created a common bond between the inclined and the impaired; the haves and the have-nots. In the course of 5 months, PCP ran 10 trees, each being larger than the last, inspiring and perpetuating new trees, and each unveiling new potential problems and solutions. In late 1998, online digital music trading took a great leap forward with the creation of the 'e-tree', and the adoption of Shorten as the standard in lossless music compression.

Though MP3's are great instant gratification, especially for those on low bandwidth dial-up connections who want to hear a show NOW, the quality is inferior to the original recording, due to their 'lossy' compression codec, and not suitable for archival purposes.

If you are unfamiliar with the basics of CD-R trading, then this site may generate more questions for you than answers, but as time goes on, I am adding more and more 'FAQ' related material. If you have read the PCP archives, know and understand your CD-R burning setup, and are ready to begin/propose trades... I have provided links to many places where you can go to do just that.

Of late, I recieve 30-100 e-mail messages a day pertaining to CD-R trading from various discussions and announcement lists. Naturally, I cannot participate or even respond to them all. I dedicate most of my trading time to fulfilling tree responsibilities, administering my own mini-trees, and making B&P offers. If you have sent a trade proposal, but I have not gotten back to you, don't be surprised if I get in touch with you several months later. I file most trade proposals, and respond to them in the order recieved, when I have time.

You can read some REALLY old news about our trip to the Fall '97 Winston-Salem show if you want.

1998-06-17: Updated Phish Audio Policy
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Order Online
Doniac Schvice
Phish Dry Goods

P.O. Box 4400
Burlington, VT
(802) 860-1111

Subject:  Updated Phish Audio Policy (long)

Date:   6/17/99 4:38:05 PM AST
From:   shell@PHISH.COM (Shelly Culbertson)

Phish's audio recording and transfer policy has just been updated.  If
you engage in any form of Phish audio tape or file collection, trading
or transfers, please familiarize yourself with it.  Thank you.


Audience taping is permitted at all Phish shows. For purposes of this
policy, performances by individual band members of Phish will be
treated as Phish shows.  Guest performances by band members with other
artists will be governed by that artist's policy.  When Phish is
performing at a festival or other event featuring multiple bands, that
particular event's policy may override Phish's customary taping policy.
 All taping is limited to audio only - no video is ever allowed - and
with microphones only (no soundboard patches).  If a show is entirely
general admission, then a tapers' ticket is not required.  In an
amphitheater, if there is a reserved pavilion and general admission
lawn the taping section will be located behind the mix position in the
pavilion and a designated taper's ticket will be required.  In an arena
or theater, if the floor is general admission and the stands or balcony
are reserved, you must hold a general admission floor ticket if you
wish to bring recording gear into the show.  If there is reserved
seating on the floor, then a designated taper's ticket is required in
order to bring taping equipment into the building.  All designated
tapers' seats have the word "taper" clearly printed in the text on the
face of the ticket.  If the ticket does not say taper, then it is not a
taper's seat.  Tapers' tickets are usually sold by Phish
Tickets-by-Mail (mail order) only; they are not available from
Ticketmaster or other outlets unless we specifically announce
otherwise.  A taper's ticket (designated taper seat or general
admission floor ticket) entitles the bearer to bring ONE audio
recording deck and ONE microphone stand/set of microphones into the
venue; additional equipment will not be permitted entry.  Anyone found
taping in violation of the above policy will be removed from the venue
and unauthorized recordings will be confiscated.

Since there are no designated tapers' tickets at general admission
shows, entry to the taping section is first-come first-serve. Taping
will be permitted on a space-available basis with any ticket.  When the
section is full, no additional recording equipment will be allowed into
the show.  If you wish to tape at a general admission show you have the
best chance of getting a spot in the section if you are in line to
enter the building when the doors open; this time is always printed on
each ticket.  If all of the space is taken before you enter the venue,
you will not be permitted to bring recording equipment in with you.

The enjoyment of the audience in attendance at a concert always takes
precedence over recording efforts.  This means that at no time should
tapers ever require other patrons to be quiet or otherwise interfere
with their enjoyment of the show.


All participants in audio recording exchange (regardless of format)
acknowledge and respect the copyrights and exclusive ownership of the
music and performances by the performers, writers and publishers.

All taping must be for personal use only, which may include trading
(via analog or digital tape, CD, or digital file transfer).  Recordings
may be traded only for an equivalent amount of similar media (cassettes
or CDs, pre-recorded or blank).  Regardless of any expenses incurred,
no money may ever be exchanged as part of a trade; however, stamped,
self-addressed envelopes may be included with blank media.  In
addition, the mediums by which audio trading is publicized may not be
commercialized.  Therefore newsletters, web sites, clubs, or any other
communication forum describing or facilitating audio trading cannot
accept advertising, offer links for compensation, exploit databases
compiled from their traffic, or otherwise derive any commercial profit
in any form.  Stores  or businesses may not offer to duplicate Phish
media for customers or sell or otherwise provide media containing
unreleased  Phish music for any price.  A statement of compliance with
this policy must be clearly posted on all web sites engaged in trading

If we have chosen to offer for sale (via physical media such as CD, or
via digital download) a particular Phish performance, this "official"
version will take precedence over amateur recordings being offered for
download.  In these instances, we require that digital audio
repositories remove any recording of these particular performances from
their collections within 3 days of the official release or 3 days of
Phish announcing the intention to release, whichever is earlier.
Notwithstanding the above, Phish reserves the right to require
immediate removal of any unreleased Phish material.  It is the
responsibility of the site host to remain informed of the current list
of Phish's officially-released recordings and to maintain their site
accordingly.  In no case may any officially-released Phish recording
(live or studio) be duplicated or otherwise traded or offered.
Broadcast of unreleased Phish recordings via: radio or online is
permissible only if it conforms to all the guidelines applicable to
other forms of duplication.

Audience taping at Phish concerts is authorized for non-commercial
purposes only. Unauthorized sale, duplication and/or distribution is
strictly forbidden.  All Phish performances and recordings  are the
exclusive property of Phish.  All rights reserved.  The rights to
record Phish performances set forth in this policy constitute an
express, revocable license.  We reserve the right to withdraw our
sanction of recording, tape trading, and/or non-commercial digital
audio file transfers on a case specific basis or in general, as we deem
necessary.  No waiver of any copyright or trademark right is intended.

Designed & Maintained by Adam Fox
Copyright (c) 1997-2000, Adam Fox, All Rights Reserved.