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2000-11-13: Shorten guide update [back to top]

Due to a recent burst of inspiration, I've totally revamped the popular Shorten Guide. In the months to come, many people will be switching to the new Microsoft Windows 2000, ME, or XP platforms. The batch files outlined on the previous versions of the guide were not compatible with the new platforms, and much of the code was in need of improvement.
You are now able to download completed batch files for shorten, md5, & shntool for Win95/98, and in the coming days, for Win2000/ME/XP as well. Users of previous versions of the guide are suggested to download and use the new batch files to enjoy the improvements, and users of other shorten & MD5 software are encouraged to try a smaller, faster, and easier way to work with your SHN & MD5 files.

2000-09-04: Why I'm not currently trading [back to top]

This is a long overdue update. It's been months since I've posted new material. So, here it is, what's new...
First of all, my email has been restored. All mail sent to that address during July or August was lost or returned. If you recieved a failure of delivery notice to a message sent to me, please re-send.
Secondly, we've moved once again (in more ways than one). Anyone with a trade in the works with me, please get in touch, so I can provide you with a current mailing address.
Also, for quite some time, a large portion of my graphics have been stored on a seperate server, at (which ultimately became part of Due to a change in their services, I have been directed to relocate this material. So, I am currently in the process of uploading family photos & cover art to my newest (free) webspace on
Please be patient, as I expect there to be several broken links for some time, while I get everything put back into place.

I am way behind on burning audio discs. I have a backlog of well over 100 SHN CD's to burn, and I currently don't have the fun money to buy another couple spindles of blank discs. So, until I get my head back above water, I will not be entertaining any new trades.

2000-03-20: Netscape 6 Compatibility / Tripod mishap [back to top]

I successfully installed the newest release of Netscape, and I have begun recollecting all of my lost information. I am still missing the old browser, which seemed faster to load, and more capable of deciphering my HTML documents. I've made some major rennovation to the code of these pages over the past couple days, and hope to soon fix the pull-down menus, which don't seem to work currently.

Tripod 'deleted' my site for a couple days, for reasons unknown to me. I sent them an email, asking why, and after a couple days of sweating over having to move to a new site, I received this message in my mailbox this evening:

The following information was provided via e-mail thanks to The Tripod Team

Dear Tripod Member,

We apologize for the removal of your site over the weekend.  Due to some technical
errors, we mistakenly removed several member sites and are in the process of restoring
them.  We did not single out you or your site, please accept our apologies, your site
has now been restored.


The Tripod Team

"Update: Tripod Says Site Deletion 'A Mistake'"

Here's a quote from the site for tripod members:

"If your site was deleted by Tripod and has NOT been restored by Wednesday, March 21,
6PM EST, please send an email after that time, please to with the
subject "Tripod Deleted Site so that we can include it in our follow up. Please note in
the email whether or not you received notification of a Terms of Service violation from
Tripod, and something about your deleted site."

2000-03-13: Technical Difficulties. Please respond. [back to top]

Up until lately, I have been having some frequent problems with my Netscape (4.7) Mail program failing or crashing, forcing me to restart my computer. So, I decided to update to the latest version of Netscape (6.1) tonight.

In theory, this was an excellent idea, my execution however, was flawed, and ultimately all the precautions I took to back up my mail folders, address books, bookmarks, and archive my new software were in vain. At the moment, I am in the process of re-downloading the browser, as I currently have none, and I have lost all of the information I had stored in my mail folders.

I keep track of all of my trades with an external trade database, so if you have something in the works with me currently, I DO have record of it. However, I don't have any 'paper trail', prior correspondence, or tree structures to fall back on. It will take me some time to import all of my trade related addresses back into my mail program, and get all my message filters back in place. It will take even more time to rebuild my personal address book, so I encourage all friends, family & contacts to spread the word, and send me your mailing & email information & any pertinent reminders.

I hope this article appears alright, since I don't have a browser to preview it in. I'll just FTP it up to my server, and hope for the best. Thanks for your attention,


2000-01-10: SCI - 'Pura Vida' [back to top]

The following information was provided via e-mail thanks to Matt "Chewy" Smith at SCI Fidelity Records

Subject: String Cheese Incidents First Film "Pura Vida" is now available

As the winter season comes into play, do you find yourself dreaming of
tropical climates and sandy beaches? Let SCI Fidelity Records help take you
there with our first video release, "Pura Vida." This film chronicles the
events of The String Cheese Incident's International Incident 2000 in Costa
Rica. The International Incident has become an annual opportunity for the
band and friends to experience musical and cultural exchange in an unusual
The film contains performances of such songs as 'Round The Wheel, MLT, and
San Jose, interviews with the band members as they adventure through the
country, and spectacular footage of all the local flair. "Pura Vida"
highlights the electricity of the concert, the incredible splendor of Costa
Rica, and the beauty of the human spirit worldwide. "Pura Vida" was debuted
at the 2001: A String Cheese Odyssey show in Portland to an overwhelming
response.  "Pura Vida" and is available NOW online and by phone through SCI
Gear   Hope to see you soon
at an Incident near you!!


Matt "Chewy" Smith
SCI Fidelity Records
Retail Sales/Marketing
2405 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80304
work: 303-544-1818
fax: 303-544-1919

2000-01-08: Happy 2001 [back to top]

Trade stats for 2000:

# Contacts: 245 355
# Trades: 293 467
# 'Bad Trades': 1

Recieved: 232 396
Sent: 438 692
In posession: 289 412

# Bands: 67 85
# Audio Discs: 705 973
Many thanks to those of you with whom I had the opportunity to share music with this past year. For the most part, this was a fantastic year for trading, as more and more great sources made their way from the DAT hordes to the realm of SHN and CDR. Thank you to all the tree administrators, list moderators, and generous tapers for making my hobby possible. I've decided to really take it slow starting out this year, but I look forward to many more trades in the months to come.

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